Big Data & Analytics Competency Center

This specialized organizational unit supports the Engineering Group’s offer and coordinates its initiatives involving big data skills and technologies.

The main activities include: managing Engineering Group’s big data observatory, for both open source and proprietary solutions across all market sectors; identifying scenarios of use in collaboration with Engineering Group’s business units; supporting the company’s big data offer; carrying out of tests, proof of concepts and project start-ups, in collaboration with Engineering’s Software Labs; consulting on technology solutions, products and advanced data analysis; providing competency-based training; continuous involvement in the development of Italian and European collaborative projects, in collaboration with Engineering Group’s Research & Development division; managing an ever-growing network of partners and collaborators.

The Competency Center includes specialized professionals, such as data analysts, data architects, data developers, data scientists, research scientists.

The competencies include goal definition and solution design; big data architecture design and realization; specialized skills on technologies and development methods; data collection, open data management, advanced data analysis and visualization; presentation and communication skills and business development support. These are integrated with in-depth knowledge of distributed computing, modern services architectures and cloud infrastructures.

The main technologies include the whole set of Hadoop ecosystem components and commercial distributions, NoSQL data bases, stream processors and CEP, appliances, open data technologies.

The programming and analytical languages mastered by the Competency Center include but are not limited to Java, Scala, Python, R, and Matlab.

Data analysis techniques include ontology and semantic analysis, predictive analytics, sentiment analysis, data and text mining, image processing, statistical analysis and machine learning.

Moreover, it offers its customers a Data Science Lab that, based on Engineering Group’s cloud infrastructure, integrates Hadoop-based solutions, as well as data analysis and front-end solutions that allow the smooth realization of proof of concepts and pilot projects. Moreover it steadily collaborates with Engineering Group’s Managed Operations division in order to exploit the integrated data center facilities and provide a comprehensive Big Data service offering.

Thanks to its close collaboration with the SpagoBI Labs, the Competency Center allows its customers to take advantage of the open source SpagoBI and Knowage suites, also supporting the analysis of large volumes of structured data, also in real-time, and exploiting the latest cutting-edge information capabilities deriving from the use of  self-produced content, social data and open data.

Services include training programs focused on big data scenarios and technologies, methods and data mining techniques, advanced data analysis and visualization, which are regularly delivered internally and to customers, through Engineering Group’s ICT Academy.

Its wide network of partners and collaborators, engaged at different levels, include:

  • Open Source: in addition to a continued collaboration with Engineering Group’s Open Source Competency Center with its several years of proven experience in this domain - including the realization of the SpagoBI and Knowage solutions - the Competency Center participates in several initiatives within the OW2 community, co-founded by Engineering Group (i.e. Big Data initiative), and within the Eclipse Foundation, of which Engineering Group is an associate member (i.e. Science initiative). It also participates in the Open Source Initiative, of which Engineering Group is a corporate sponsor, and it leads some innovative initiatives within the international Hadoop ecosystem, including the foundation of the Hadoop User Group Italy.
  • Italian and European Research: This section includes: participation in the Big Data Value Association, of which Engineering Group is a board member; activities performed within the European initiative entitled EIT Digital, in particular at the Italian site located in Trento; activities performed as part of the FIWARE initiative, supported by the FIWARE Foundation, co-founded by Engineering Group; and last but not least participation in the EDISON project, aimed at the creation of a qualified data scientists’ community in Europe.
  • Scientific collaborations: These include joint activities with the Politecnico di Milano and CEFRIEL, Politecnico di Torino, Bologna Business School, Roma Tre University, La Sapienza University and Semeion Research Centre.
  • Solution providers: Engineering Group is a partner of several Big Data solution providers among which Cloudera, MapR Technologies, Hortonworks, Oracle, SAP, IBM, EMC, Microsoft, Talend, and steadily collaborates with various companies at the national and international level.