FINESCE: Future Internet Smart Utility Services

This European project experiments the application of new IT technologies for the management of energy resources.

Via the use of innovative communication technologies and Cloud infrastructures, it will be possible to integrate the traditional distribution networks with renewable resources and with the domestic micro-networks, thus allowing the traditional energy systems to be developed towards more dynamic, more efficient and above all more sustainable ecosystems, the so-called "Smart Energy Grids".

Pilot ecosystems will be set up in seven different European countries, in which the suppliers of energy resources will be transferred from being essentially reactive players for the consumption demand, to more pro-active managers in the general economy of the energy eco-system. Traditional energy users will also be able to become providers of energy resources.

The project is placed, therefore with the realm of "Smart Energy Systems". Engineering will deal with the realization of the market place, designed as an element for grouping together players and services that negotiate resources and prices of energy based on the dynamic negotiation between supply and demand. In practical terms, a kind of Energy Stock market.

This will all be experimented in the area of a city called Terni, in Italy, which now sees the FINESCE project and the adoption of "Smart Energy Systems" as a fundamental piece of its innovation strategy to become a "Smart City.

Key Learnings from FINESCE – Trial Site Terni (Pasquale Andriani)