State General Accounting Office: the collaboration desktop for work groups

Automating and facilitating users in the creation and use of collaboration and communication processes in order to provide them with a simpler, more usable operating environment that can be accessed from any device and geographical workstation.

The system created by Engineering for the State General Accounting Office integrates a range of single and autonomous utilities into a single solution, which aid users in diffusion and computer writing of operations. Use of the functions and content is possible regardless of the type of device used and the type of connection.

The system identifies and centralizes some of the users' work functions - about 7,500 at full working speed - within a single site to aid access to tools and work areas of one's own competence.

The system was created by using the Office 365 platform, distributed by signing up to Cloud environments: the information and content do not reside on the client's work devices but are always available remotely on servers provided by Microsoft.

The platform natively offers some integratable tools that are dedicated to communication, diffusion, collaboration and company productivity: access to documents and information, contacts, calendars and activities, instant messaging, video calls.