AREAS for BLU: the Unified Laboratory in Baggiovara

More than 10 million annual tests serving 8 provincial hospitals, 37 test centers in the area, 5 interconnected test laboratories, including the highly automated one in Baggiovara which is one of the largest in Europe.

The "BLU" project for the Modena Local Health Authority is an example of excellence in Italian healthcare, thanks to the application solutions and the system integration by Engineering.

BLU is one of the best known projects in Italy with regards to automation and integration of diagnostic processes. All the samples take in dozens of test centers and structures in the area all come to the centralized laboratory at Baggiovara hospital, where they are immediately identified (check-in via barcode or RFID) and entered into the process chain, that automatically completed the tests requested. Once the tests are completed, the reports are signed electronically and are immediately available for the department doctor or family doctor, via the hospital repository or the regional Electronic Healthcare File.

Engineering technology is the heart of the project. The diagnostic area's software from the AREAS® platform allows the monitoring and integration in real time (with instruments) of the entire test process within the laboratory, while system integration, realized in accordance with sector standards, allows for the exchange and sharing of the data among all the systems and area players involved.

This project, started up in 2005, has achieved its expected goals, providing tangible benefits in terms of both organizational efficiency for expenditure rationalization, and the services for the citizens, with a quicker, safer and easily accessible diagnostic service.

BLU continues to evolve. New application components were recently started up on the project, including a dedicated appropriateness component, which is a permanently central theme from the point of view of quality and service costs.