SECURE!: managing events and situations thanks to social technologies

Engineering is head of the consortium supported by the Tuscany Regional Administration for the prevention of critical events in the field of public-private safety and civil protection.

The project aims at defining and realizing a service-oriented enabling infrastructure (Secure! Framework) for the realization of public-private safety and civil protection management services, exploiting the availability of information in the social media and crowd sensing and crowd sourcing mechanisms.

Secure! will study the applicability and application modes of crowd sourcing mechanisms, models, techniques, technologies and instruments for the prevention (when possible), anticipation and management (before, during and after the crisis) of emergency events and situations: this may include fortuitous and accidental events, accidents and natural or climate disasters, or any other kind; or identifying illegal conduct and preventing the worsening of damage via the organization of prevention and interventions forms.

In this context, the scientific and technological challenge is to collect, examine and exploit "realistic" and "credible" information entered on the Web by users in the field, integrating where necessary with data and information from traditional reporting channels, existing systems and sensor infrastructures spread over the area, and at the same time coordinating interventions via a multiplication of forces mechanism based on crowd sourcing.

Suitable exploration and integration of these resources may improve efficiency in the operational management of complex crisis scenarios or single emergency situations, in terms of prevention, rapid identification and intervention, for various levels of seriousness in terms of urgency and numbers of people involved (from the management of large-scale crisis scenarios such as earthquakes, the prevention of potential suicides, to rapid intervention on road maintenance or the recovery of works of art).

Secure! is funded as part of Tuscany's POR CreO FESR 2007-2013 program.