Risk Based anti Money Laundering

At the root of the solution for governance of client portfolio money laundering risks is the calculation of the money laundering rating, based on the client's personal, transaction and qualitative data for continuous monitoring.

The solution operates through two different tools:

Massive Risk Based Approach that sets the goal of taking a photograph of the client portfolio laundering risk, taking into consideration quantitative indicators and assigning a score to all processed clients.

Transaction Monitoring that aims to highlight a risk considered to be "serious" on the basis of the client's operations and conduct (transactions carried out).

The money laundering engine - RBA is a solution that integrates the DynE engine: a mathematical-statistical multiplatform engine that is entirely departmental and allows the graphic drawing of calculation algorithms and management of entire life cycles.

The versatility of DynE is the key element for different projects that need a fast, highly parameterizable calculation engine

The following can be highlighted from among its main characteristics:

  • the capacity to manage a sophisticated algorithm: in terms of calculation by line and by column management, availability of all mathematical functions from the library "math.cpp"
  • interaction with the engine R-Project for complex statistical calculations
  • the high level of parameterization: aimed at managing grids
  • implementation rapidity: which can be found in the immediate prototyping, in the immediate test of algorithms and in deployment of the latter without compilation
  • high execution speed: consolidated by comparative tests that have highlighted a processing speed of complex algorithms that is more than 100 times higher than the one implemented in Cobol
  • code portability: portability for MS Windows, Unix and Mac OsX is confirmed
  • reduced maintenance: maintenance is limited to the sole entry of any new basic functions
  • fully departmental J2EE application.