"Futouring" Portal for the Lazio Regional Administration

This is not a simple website dedicated to tourism but a full, integrated, interactive, mobile experience for actually and virtually exploring Lazio's cultural heritage.

Thanks to Engineering's contribution FILAS (FInanziaria LAziale di Sviluppo) has a technological infrastructure that hosts content and digital services dedicated to knowledge, development and fruition of the region's cultural heritage, which can also be used whilst on the move.

Thanks to the “Futouring” website, users can learn about the territory virtually, thanks to virtual tours, interactive maps, web TV, virtual books and high resolution panoramic photos, but can also plan and support visits to the area (cultural, nature, food and wine based) thanks to specific apps, guides and audio guides, suggested and customizable paths, maps and points of interest.    

A complete, shared experience. On this trip that merges real and digital exploration of the territory, the users have "2.0" tools to share their own experiences, can exchange opinions, suggestions, travel diaries, itineraries and photos.

The technology used has fully open source architecture, semantic search tools and digital object management tools, also integrated with resources, tools and external systems such as, for example, the ones for navigation and mapping.

The Futouring portal, with more than 50,000 daily web sessions, is now one of the most complete references for citizens and tourists and is an essential tool for optimizing and promoting Lazio's entire culture assets.