Engineering is leading partner for the research project funded by the Valle d’Aosta Region to create an operational risk management dashboard for avalanches and rock falls.

RED (Risk Evaluation Dashboard) intends using specific algorithms for providing the information required by land management bodies to carry out timely and considered assessments of the type of mitigation action to be taken during emergency and non-emergency situations.

RED is developing three projects concerned with two distinct operational units: the first deals with the modelling, monitoring and management of big data related to phenomena of instability through an in-depth study, the second aims to develop a software capable of rendering a complete, reliable and easy-to-use risk scenario.

This tool will thus enable support for risk management, making it possible to define guided navigation pathways among processed data. In fact, the aim of RED is to be the answer to the need for an integrated product of acquisition and processing of territorial and environmental data.

The system will incorporate both existing databases and new types of data obtained, including through the development of low cost geophysical sensors and the execution of LiDAR surveys by helicopter.

Thus conceived, the Dashboard is addressed to Public Administrations as a tool for assessing land planning and management choices, and to professionals as a tool for implementing and integrating in-depth industry studies that facilitate the design of risk mitigation interventions.

In addition to Engineering as project leader, four other partners are participating in the project.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) - Investment Programme for Growth and Employment 2014/2020.