Alis9: Credit Transfer

Engineering's Unique Payments Platform.

This allows the complete handling of bank wire transfers in Euros, for resident clients and non-resident clients, according to the most recent legislation, without placing any limit on SEPA transactions.

This is Engineering's Unique Payment Platform, the subject of a reasoned investment plan with several clients that aims for integrated management of SEPA and international domestic payments (2013-2014).

  • Architecture as a service  with FE Java and Business Service HOST
  • Massive device functions that can be repeatedly scheduled in parallel, thanks to efficient
  • Management of consolidation of files and restart systems that are independent of each other
  • Ease and flexibility of: Evolution  (interfaces); Personalization (parameters); Maintenance (efficient web-host messaging)
  • Reusability of software
  • Maximum guarantee of performance on high volumes, proven by several years of operations on RNI
  • Constant availability of db resources (24x7)
  • Functional completeness
  • Flexibility of use and multi-bank
  • World-wide integrated payment.