HYPER360: Enriching 360 media with 3D storytelling

Engineering is project coordinator of Hyper360 and software integrator of all the project results along the newly defined 360 video production chain.

The media market is currently undergoing a major change. The introduction of non-linear content (OTT, VOD) has given consumers more control about the content they enjoy.

Hyper360 will target the ongoing Virtual Reality phenomenon. In fact, Hyper360 will offer a complete end-to-end production toolset for enriched 360 video, while also leveraging the implicit preference extraction possibility that Omni directional video (i.e. the chosen viewing direction), to build a personalization framework.

360° content provides an increased feeling of presence and immersion and is now starting to be used in the media industry. Sky, BBC, NY Times are just some media players that already started using it, while big ICT players like Facebook, Google and Microsoft are heavily investing in it.

Hyper 360 will leverage 360 video, offering creative tools about it for directors. The entire toolset will be validated in 2 large pilot cases with the help of 2 major broadcasters and OTT providers, in the context of Immersive Journalism and Targeted Advertising.

The consortium of Hyper360 project is coordinated by Engineering and comprised of partners with long-standing expertise in international research and digital solutions.