VINCENTE: Enterprise Social Software

Research project that intends to define, realize and experiment a services platform to support eco-systems for sustainable entrepreneurship.

A Virtual Collective Intelligence Environment, for the collaboration, communication, sharing and development of collective knowledge in the context of dynamic organizations strongly oriented towards so-called Open Innovation.

The project will be based on the principles of Enterprise Social Software which encourage, capture and organize free and open interactions among members of an organization, also with external players (clients, partners...), in order to create and exploit collective knowledge:

  • explicit, directly represented by the users in a mainly structure manner
  • implicit, entered by the same users in typically non-structured content such as blogs, wiki, forums, mails...

The concurrent extraction, derivation, determination of new knowledge, using mining, search, clustering techniques and recommendation systems....

Finally, the project will realize the OPEN Networked Enterprise Social Software suite (OPENNESS): entirely developed using Open Source technologies, the platform makes available services in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode aimed at:

  • management and development of the communities
  • management of knowledge and collective experience
  • collaborative working, Social Analytics services.

OPENNESS will be extended and specialized to create more specific collaborative environments that are focused on some aspects: OPENNESS for Learning and Self-Empowerment (, OPENNESS for business intelligence, modeling, analysis, and planning (