Open platform for the creation of Mobility Control Centers designed for entities that want to monitor and control their area of jurisdiction and provide citizens with information and solutions that are constantly updated in real time.

A Mobility Control Center is a concentrator of data and information coming from all types of entities typically associated with mobility, such as, for example, transport, parking, taxis, rest areas, traffic, accidents, roadworks, cameras, sensors, etc. These data are acquired and processed by the platform and made available to the Mobility Control Center.

The platform offers various functionalities that are grouped into the following subsystems:

Entity Register: permits listing and managing all mobility entities through detailed data files.

Acquisition: permits capturing data from various entities and offers a unique tool for monitoring connections to these entities.

: enables operators with appropriate profiles to perform real-time monitoring on both maps and in tabular format.

: makes detailed reports available of all data detected at any given moment and provides a summary of the status of mobility in the area of ​​interest.

Analysis and Business Intelligence
: the functionalities and tools offered by the Decision Support System (SSD) make it possible to perform business analytics operations on data captured from different sources.

All appropriately aggregated information can be transmitted through a web portal and mobile devices, providing citizens with "real-time" information on mobility. Having such information available, the citizen can also seek multimodal and multivariate mobility solutions based on the situation at a precise moment.