The modular suite for management of Energy & Utilities operators' business

Net@Suite is the result of important redesign work of the Neta products.

The suite comprises modules for managing utilities, CRM, administration and control and is offered on the market as the full, integrated response to the new business needs of operators active in the energy market - sale and distribution of gas and electricity - in the water sector and its integrated cycle, of remote heating, environmental hygiene and public lighting.

The products that make up Net@Suite are n-tier applications that are entirely web-based and service oriented.

The choice of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) ensures integrability and scalability that are necessary for supporting the continuous changes in the business processes caused by the market, keeping calculation performances unchanged, especially for invoicing.

The reference technological platform for the presentation and application levels and for data access components is based on Microsoft products, while the data level is implemented with RDBMS Oracle.

Engineering's Net@Suite has been part of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for CIS (Customer Information Systems) and MDM (Meter Data Management) products for the Energy & Utilities market since 2009.