The program targets the introduction of ICT infrastructures, forecasting models and innovative management software for the realization of the Zero Inventory / No Delay goal.

In a context of increasing competitiveness, customer service is essential for strengthening Brand Identity and for providing that added value that encourages the consumer to choose a Made in Italy product.

The increase in service levels takes place by optimizing the logistic-production process through Lean Thinking and by the high level of integration with all partners in the process via a complex, innovative, flexible and integrated system for the planning, programming and management of processes that can integrate and coordinate the corporate global value chain, including the final customer on the one hand and the suppliers, factories and outside contractors in the industrial district, on the other.

In particular, the ISOFAS Program aims at introducing ICT infrastructures, instruments and processes that, starting with the study of conduct/relations with the consumer and an in-depth analysis of demand (Forecast and Demand Planning), cross through the production process in order to reduce storage costs, while at the same time ensuring that the delivery date of the finish product is respected.

Innovative forecasting and managerial models within the finish product's manufacturer, models for simulating different scenarios in the context of procurement logistics, tracking systems that are directly integrated in production technologies and not in the products from semi-finished product suppliers, finished product storage optimization systems and process integrations systems are developed for this purpose. The different modules and services are integrated and allow real, dual-purpose integration into the process, overcome the current gap wherein the information is transferred by the main producer to suppliers without control or feedback.

In this way, it is possible to test the good quality of the developments realized in the project using a single framework for controlling the project's general goal: Zero Inventory / No Delay.

The reference context of the project is the furnishing production process, in particular, stuffed furniture, for which the main manufacturers are located in the area of Puglia and Basilicata.