SIRS: Rome City Council

Safety and prevention for the capital city thanks to the "Sistema Integrato Roma Sicura" system.

Il SIRS was developed by OverIT, Engineering's GIS competence center, together with Electron and with the Safety Policies Coordination Office, and provides for an efficient, precise contribution to defining Rome's risk map.

The application can offer highly innovative services, allowing the identification, analysis and monitoring of phenomena connected with the various forms of deterioration, abuse, accidents and urban disorder spread throughout the council's territory, thus providing benefits in the realm of risk prevention too.

With SIRS, the City Council has a GIS tool that supports their decisions about integrated safety, which also highlights the various risk factors, plans and coordinates interventions, thus improving effectiveness and efficiency for the administration when responding to its citizens' safety needs.


The technological model adopted increases the system's potential with statistical, probabilistic methods, predictive models and optimization algorithms, with a considerable improvement in terms of processing and analysis of information.

The main characteristics:

  • support for decisions about integrated safety using advanced GIS technology
  • highlighting of various risk factors, with planning and coordination of interventions
  • acquisition, verification, digitization and organization of information about urban safety problems
  • production of advanced quality reports, cataloging and analysis of information, import/export of data between different environments
  • report analysis system
  • visualization and querying of main database elements, also from mobile devices.