BNL: a laboratory of innovation and ideas to extend the offer of products and services

Interview with Giuliano Poli, Help Desk Manager, BNL ITCS Department.

What is the perception of BNL towards

Engineering and BNL have a consolidated relationship, the result of many years of collaboration, especially in the realm of managed operations. BNL has always acknowledged Engineering's great capacity to build a team, each time taking on the various problems that the client may have with great expertise and professionalism.

Proof of this appreciation is the recent confirmation of the Service Desk contract for a further period of three years.

By experience and comparison with the market, does BNL still believe that the investment of outsourcing the Service Management services to an external company was still the most suitable choice?

Yes, it was an almost obligatory choice, as it allows us to considerably reduce direct costs, achieving significant economies of scale.

Contracting Managed Operations service allows us to use a specialized external structure that can guarantee continuity of service with reduced operational risks in less time, and to overcome the lack of some internal professional figures, thus improving the users' perception of IT services. In this way our bank can free human capital by refocusing on other support projects for the real core business.

In the realm of multi channel functions, is the telephone still the main one? Which interlocutors is the service aimed at?

The Service Desk used in BNL is aimed at all users (IT and Business) inside the bank, who mostly present problems that require an immediate solution as they are linked to applications aimed at the final customer; therefore, the telephone, rather than chat or email, is still the fastest tool for resolving the situation, with waiting times of about 30 seconds, with 80% of the solutions online and with a future goal of ending the call within three minutes. Having chosen Engineering also allows us to use a highly integrated service, not only technological support but functional/application support too, with the specific competence centers. 

What are the next challenges in this field?

BNL's primary objective is to further improve the services, allowing greater accessibility and a faster, improved resolution, thus combining satisfaction and efficiency, centralizing and increasing fluidity of connections between IT and business. All this with a careful eye on innovation.

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro - BNL, part of the French BNP Paribas Group (one of the European leaders in the banking and financial services sector) is a financial reality that has always been perceived in Italy as a "laboratory" of innovation and ideas aimed at expanding the offer of products and services to provide concrete answers to their clients. An integrated strategy that sees the keystone for commercial efficacy as the constant search for internal efficiency. This is the context into which the three-year technological, application and service desk stipulated with Engineering was inserted, to support all 900 BNL branches spread around Italy with its 15,000 employees.