Open platform for the creation of Control Centers for road safety monitoring.

It is designed for entities which, with reference to the National Road Safety Plan (PNSS), need a system that enables the availability of information useful for improving safety conditions and constantly updated incident data concerning the road networks and infrastructures under their jurisdiction.

The solution developed by Engineering envisages the availability of a portal that permits the publication of information useful for citizen safety on the one hand, and their active participation by through the sending of reports or communications to the Control Center on the other.

The Control Center consists of several subsystems:

Acquisition: availability of data and information related to problems or potential situations that could have an impact on the safety of road networks or infrastructures.

Inspection Management: inspection activities on road networks and infrastructures with the functions of planning inspections, managing vehicle fleets and managing installed software.

Incident Management: activity of capturing data on road accidents and information envisaged on the basis of the ISTAT/CTT model, entered by filling in specially prepared files or through apps.

Monitoring and Control: services and functionalities for monitoring accidents, changes in road changes, roadworks on the road network, ...

Analyses and Reports: support to authorized users for the analysis of critical points, safety risks and interventions necessary for improving road safety conditions.

The Portal is structurally subdivided into areas (Public, Reserved, Administration) in such a way as to make the rich list of functionalities and services available to the different types of users. It has been designed according to two fundamental information architecture design criteria: "responsive", adaptive with respect to access tools, "mobile first" optimized to take advantage of its use on the move while guaranteeing usability criteria.

The Accident Detection App allows those responsible for the detection and collection of accident data (municipal police, carabinieri, ...) to acquire the data of an accident from the place where it happened and send them to the Control Center.