SERENA: VerSatilE plug-and-play platform enabling remote pREdictive mainteNAnce

The SERENA project will enable the transfer of the most recent research and development results obtained in the predictive maintenance field of various industrial sectors that demonstrate a need for versatility, transferability, monitoring and remote control.

The growing complexity of modern engineering systems and manufacturing processes is an obstacle to the design and implementation of Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) and maintaining increased levels of reliability. In addition, the number of sensors and the amount of data collected at production plants are constantly growing. This context provides a vision of interconnected production processes where machine data is freely accessible, thus facilitating easy maintenance in case of unexpected events.

SERENA is a Horizon2020 project co-funded by the European Commission designed to meet these emerging needs; in fact, it aims to create a versatile, plug-and-play platform that enhances the advantages of predictive maintenance within different industrial sectors and for different types of machinery.

The solution proposed is a platform to help manufacturing sector operators to simplify their maintenance loads, thus reducing costs and time spent carrying out these activities, thereby also improving process productivity.

The solution features:

  • A cloud-plug-and-play platform for data management and processing
  • advanced IoT systems and smart devices for data collection and machine monitoring
  • Artificial Intelligence Methods for predictive maintenance (based on data analytics and machine learning) and planning of maintenance and production activities
  • Augmented Reality technologies to support the operator in activities for maintaining and monitoring the status of production machinery.

The partnership includes 4 end-users (WHEMEA, TRIMEK, KONE, VDLWEW) from different industrial sectors (home appliance manufacturing, metrological engineering, production of elevators and steel parts), 6 technology providers/integrators (Comau, Finn-Power, Engineering, Oculavis, SynArea, DELL EMC) and 4 scientific partners (LMS, IPT, VTT, POLITO).

Engineering will play a key role in building the cloud maintenance platform, within which its focus will be merging the knowledge and experience gained from previous research projects (e.g. FITMAN). Furthermore, Engineering will also be responsible for industrial promotional activities and bringing the project's results to the attention of the market, focusing in particular on SMEs.