Reliability, experience and professional expertise

Engineering is the reference partner to which companies now delegate ICT, in order to focus their own primary resources on core business and innovation.

The centralization and sharing of logical resources approach, inherent to the ICT concept as a service, allows companies to delegate IT activities and running costs (e.g. purchasing, maintenance, deployment, security management, monitoring, back-up, technological evolution) to reliable supplier with high levels of expertise in technology and processes, like Engineering, and focus company resources on the core business and innovation.

Engineering's offer in this realm includes system consultancy, governance of server virtualization projects and consolidation of server farms, for migrations and technological refreshes, or for the porting of applications from one operating system/architecture to another.

Specific competence and experience has also been developed in business continuity and disaster recovery projects.

The management services offered by Engineering for infrastructure components (from applications to storage) allow company clients to separate the logical use of technologies from their physical possession, and to use services suited to their needs, both in terms of size and quality.

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