Augmented Reality changes the perception of the operating environment

An interactive graphics system that allows intervention on a series of video images, adding content and virtual animations in real time.

Less complex activities: the new frontier of virtual

In the specific realm of field maintenance processes, Engineering offers innovative solutions that augment the perception of the operating environments and reduce the complexity of activities being carried out.

Thanks to the integration of the most recent mobile, visualization and 3D graphics and GIS technologies, Engineering's solutions provide specific, effective support for technicians and maintenance experts when carrying out their tasks, adding information that is generated artificially to the reality observed via the device at disposal.

The realization of this type of solution is possible thanks to OverIT, the Group's Mobility competence center specialized in the study, design and realization of new Augmented Reality applications.

Augmented perceptions and the possibility of dynamic overlapping of data based on the real world with virtual data

  • An overall view of the technological network with a 3D model.
  • Visualization of details about a certain network item, selecting other elements connected to it on the 3D model.
  • Visualization of all the system information found in the geolocated point (operator's position).

Capacity to respond to the user's input, to provide a considerable capacity of understanding and evaluation.

  • Queries about the type of systems found around the operator's position.
  • Consultation of technical sheets connected to the item selected by the 3D model.