Web, cloud, mobility: new technological trends challenge the old IT systems

Transferring, updating and modernizing are key words in order to keep up the pace.

Each company's application pool must respond to the continuous needs coming from business and the evolution of technological components that truly put IT systems to the test.

The presence and birth of new scenarios of use requires the updating of these systems so that they satisfy the larger technological trends such as the web, cloud and mobility. This continuous evolution must also take place in a context of limiting costs.

Thanks to the experience gained in its development and integration projects and in internal production laboratories, Engineering has defined its own method aimed at solving business needs and technological transformation.

The solution is a framework that includes a set of knowledge, technologies and instruments that Engineering uses for its developments and proposes to its clients who want to start a modernization and optimization procedure for their applications.

The Application Modernization & Optimization team addresses all the topics linked to the various environments involved methodically and carefully. In fact, the transformation of applications is influenced not only by integrating new functions and the technological layers needed to satisfy new market needs, but also by performances and quality of information.

The final setting for these goals comprises a continuous cycle between transformation and optimization processes.

Using a well defined sequence of steps, the Engineering method analyses the application pool in order to determine the current perimeter and functions, establishes the intervention points and the realms of optimization and identifies the preparatory actions to improve the performances.

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