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7SHIELD: Big Data, Machine Learning and Threat Monitoring against cyber-attacks

The project will provide security standards for space systems, ground segments and satellite data assets, through cyber threat prevention, detection and mitigation.

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7SHIELD aims at providing a holistic framework enabling the deployment of innovative services for cyber-physical protection of ground segments (such as e-fences, passive radars and laser technologies, multimedia AI technologies) and able to confront complex threats by covering all the macro-stages of crisis management, namely pre-crisis, crisis and post-crises phases.

Specifically, the early warning mechanism estimates the level of risk before the occurrence of a cyber or physical attack. During an attack, the detection and response is effective and efficient, taking into account budgetary constraints. A mitigation plan is designed and automatically updated to offer a quick recovery after an intentional attack or a system failure. The framework will enhance the infrastructures’ protection capabilities, while integrating or interoperating with existing protection solutions already deployed.
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Solution will integrate advanced technologies for data integration, processing, and analytics, machine learning and recommendation systems, data visualization and dashboards, data security and cyber threat protection. The technological solution is co-designed with first responders’ teams and contributes to policy making, standardisation and new guidelines for contingency planning and service continuity. The project will be evaluated and demonstrated in five installations of ground segments of space systems.

Engineering is the project coordinator. The activities of the project will be undertaken by R&D Department, which will bring in the project the knowledge and some assets related to the integrated cyber-physical Situational Awareness, Threat Intelligence and Big Data Analytics as well as System/platform specification and integration. In addition, Engineering monitors the pilot preparation and planning. Finally, Engineering develops the exploitation and sustainability plan, and manages the Intellectual Property (IP) protection for the proposed solutions.

Funding:The project has received co-funding from H2020-SU-INFRA-2019 the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 883284


Advanced security of information and data transmission between satellites and ground stations

Detection, identification, localisation and impact analysis of RF interference, physical and cyber-attacks

Maximising of space system resilience

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