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E.ON: Extra Commodity services for green energy

Flexibility and Cross-selling: our solution improves VAS services, extending the commercial strategies of a leading company in the field of renewable energy.

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In the Utilities world, there is a growing trend to proceed with marketing and commercial initiatives for the sale of Value Added Service (VAS) content alongside the core offers of commodity gas and power.

E.ON, one of the world's largest investor-owned electric utility service providers identified some types of products to support the sale of commodity gas services: Smart Climate Package, Maintenance, Thermostat.

Borrowing the experience in the adoption of the VAS offering methodologies from the world of telecommunications and exploiting our skills in the utilities sector, especially in the sales company area, we have created a solution that can meet E.ON's business needs.


Engineering supported E.ON on the VAS market through the Net@Suite platform providing specific processes and functionalities to manage the active cycle of extra-commodity services. The solution guarantees these benefits:
  • Robustness: through Net@Billing and consolidated billing logics to manage the whole active cycle of the VAS
  • Flexibility: VAS contracts combine with each other or with other commodity supplies (Gas / EE) of the same customer
  • Reusability: manage VAS collection processes and arrears or compound invoices, with standard functions available for GAS / EE products
  • Cross selling: correlate VAS services to traditional commodity supplies, for "bundled" sales
  • Openness: commodity services or other platforms can be integrated to manage information relating to VAS.

The solution covers the "Wholesale / Retail sale" phases of the Utilities market Supply Chain (Product Catalog - VAS).


Flexibility in the management of services, discounts and any penalties

Increase in commercial strategy, through the bundled sale of services (commodity, extracommodity)

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