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Data analytics to streamline internal training processes

We introduce Power BI to facilitate the production of data to support the internal training processes.

Approach & Solution



The client, a prominent Italian fashion house in high fashion and luxury goods located in Florence, conducts training and refresher courses through internal divisions using a platform consisting of company data and processes.

To organize and manage course-related information, they employ a solution utilizing Office 365, specifically SharePoint Online, for collecting course information.


Together with the client, we developed a technical solution that can visually display the data stored in SharePoint in a consistently updated manner. It also enables users to download a PDF snapshot that reflects any filters they applied.

Key aspects of the project include:
  • Identification and analysis of the most significant KPIs
  • Creation of visually appealing dashboards and reports with emphasis on layout and graphics
  • Development of a mobile version that functions as a single scrolling document, similar to the desktop version.


Improved information management

New detailed dashboard

Mobile version development

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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