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APPRAISE: facilitating security operators against terrorism

An integrated Threat Intelligence solution for augmented cities to prevent criminal and terrorist acts.

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Ensuring the security of public spaces while preserving the freedom of citizens is a major challenge for society. Shopping centres, stadiums or large events, defined as 'soft targets', are constantly subject to different types of cyber and physical threats.

Protecting public spaces and other soft targets requires an integral security approach involving all public and private security actors.

Another challenge is the huge volume of data collected by CCTV systems, smart cities sensors, online activity (surface web, darknet, social media), and any other sensor: this results in the need for security actors to retrieve usable intelligence from voluminous, heterogeneous and noisy data.
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The research project APPRAISE (fAcilitating Public & Private secuRity operAtors to mitigate terrorIsm Scenarios against soft targEts) proposes an integrated Threat Intelligence solution, specifically designed for protecting the augmented cities environment, that performs a continuous and effective monitoring of Internet sources (including Social Media and Darknets) to identify potential threats and aims to improve strategies for the protection of soft targets by fostering a proper collaboration between local authorities, law enforcement agencies and security professionals from the public and private sector who are complementarily involved in the management of citizens' security. Engineering is the technical manager of the project and supervises the technical involvement of end users during the pilot activities.

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 101021981.


Predict, prevent and identify criminal and terrorist acts

Enhance the collaboration of security actors during an incident

Optimize risk assessment and resilience

Reduce the vulnerability of cities and their citizens

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