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ATLANTIS: investigate the Web with Artificial Intelligence

An AI base platform that integrates tools to support Intelligence and Digital Forensic activities.

Approach & Solution



The Homeland Security Research Unit investigates issues related to public safety through a multidisciplinary approach. Among its objectives is that of defining technological solutions to identify and seize challenges and opportunities determined by the technological, methodological and procedural gap of the Police Forces.

Hence, a technological platform has been developed, with advanced services for searching and acquiring heterogeneous data from Internet (including Deep Web and Darknet), allowing the extraction of threats, events and clues during the acquisition of non-structured data. This information is subject to comparative analyses for Intelligence activities and to rebuild investigative hypotheses for forensic purposes.


ATLANTIS (AI-based plaTform for LAw eNforcement inTelligence and InveStigation) integrates a set of tools supporting all phases of Intelligence and Digital Forensic processes: from extracting data useful for investigations, to exporting investigative files for trial purposes.
In particular, the platform includes:

  • SONAR (SOurce iNtegration And monitoRing) framework for searching for information on the Internet
  • MARLENE solution (Multilingual nAtuRal Language procEssiNg framEwork) for the analysis of textual content extracted from Surface Web, Deep Web and Darknet
  • Knowledge Graph
  • ERIN (sEcuRIty patterN discovery Framework)
  • Investigative Hypothesis Management for the reconstruction and validation of such hypotheses
  • Chain of Custody and Evidence to ensure the use of investigative data for forensic purposes
  • Collaborative application in Intelligence and Forensic fields.


Fight against online terrorist propaganda

Reduction of investigative timeframes with Source Discovery and Big Data Analysis services

Support to intelligence activities (Open Source Intelligence) and Digital Forensic

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Process performance

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