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Collecting, mapping, and integrating data deriving from various regulatory and management procedures. This is what our solutions have done for one of the largest banking institutions in Italy.

Approach & Solution



Having consistent and certified information is essential for a credit institution, especially in relation to the ECB action plan, which presents data at a granular level instead of the summary reports used so far.
For this reason, the Bank launched the a project with the challenging objective of creating a unique environment in which data deriving from regulatory and management procedures is made usable, also for specific analyses.
Furthermore, the customer decided to start the project in order to:
  • Gather the value-added information of each report and map it.
  • Integrate data from different reports into a single and certified environment.
  • Produce certified and summary information for specific analyses or integrated reports.


Since we are the reference partner for managing Compliance and Governance systems, the Bank turned to our Big Data experts in order to develop a solution that would:
  • manage incoming granular and elementary data common to the different information systems.
  • solve the complexity of the construction of structured information.
  • make a shared data model available.
  • extend the range of business uses of information assets.
  • collect and standardize the value-added information produced by vertical systems.


Simplified feeding, with a guarantee of information coherence among the different regulatory systems

Full information assets, through enhancement of the information produced by the different regulatory applications

Total traceability of information in terms of Data Quality, Data Knowledge and Data Lineage

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Cost cutting
Process performance

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