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Our BISS platform detects and tracks surface and underwater targets

We created a platform for the identification and tracking of targets detected with the aid of bi-static sonar sensors in non-cooperative configuration.

Approach & Solution



Submarine units increasingly operate in extreme conditions, due to both the environment of operation (deep, shallow and brown water) and the lack of information on the target being monitored.

The technological evolution of sonar equipment in recent years has made these devices increasingly sensitive and performing, creating the conditions for the adoption of new techniques for collecting and processing information.

On the other hand, technological evolution has increased the vulnerability of the devices, complicating their ability to operate covertly and requiring changes in the operating procedures adopted, including the need to operate and detect targets at an ever-increasing distance from the emitting source and the targets themselves.


The implemented solution is a prototype system, based on the principle of bi-static sonar in a non-cooperative environment, integrated with the systems that are already on board submarine units.

Our platform can process passive acoustic traces to execute, in a semi-automatic and totally hidden mode, the detection and tracking of both surface and underwater objects.


Identification of the acoustic signal source

Estimation of source position (distance and depth)

Determination of target position by reflected signal

Target tracking over time

Bi-static cooperative and non-cooperative sonar configuration

Project value

Process performance

Enabling Technologies

AI Advanced Analytics

Project Team

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