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Our algorithm to reduce evasion and lower taxes

Significant investments in technology and the use of sophisticated algorithms and semantic techniques that reconcile different information from numerous databases have made it possible to intensify controls, improve operational results and promote tax fairness.

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"If everyone pays, everyone pays less"

This is the objective of our activities with the Municipality of Bologna, that we carry out with Municipia by adopting a process outsourcing model. We deal with both the operational management of services as well as legal and economic consulting, IT delivery, and data integration.

Thanks to the control of tax evasion and the improvement of tax collection compared to the past, which has seen the expansion and automation of typical actions of compulsory collection, the Authority has been able to rely on a solid cash balance.


A virtuous management that has also allowed for the acceleration of payments to various suppliers; in 2016, the duration of the payment process for an invoice (from receipt to issuance of the mandate) was an average of 45 days, while in 2020 it had been reduced to 23 days.

Over the past six years, the TARI tax (i.e. waste tax) has been reduced thanks to the fruits of the fight against tax evasion. The complete digitization of financial documents has made the entire administrative process more efficient and faster.

Dematerialization has allowed for reduced downtime and made the signature process flexible and accessible (manageable from anywhere and at any time) while maintaining the maximum level of transparency and security.

Furthermore, integration with accounting has allowed for a reduction in manual operations by lightening the workload of the accounting department in verifying actual financial availability. In 2020, the average time for financial document checks was 3.3 days.


Waste tax unchanged for 6 years

Higher revenues thanks to the fight against tax evasion

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