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DAPSI - Data Portability & Service Incubator

DAPSI project was launched to address the challenge of personal data portability on the internet as foreseen under the GDPR.

Approach & Solution

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Article 20 of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has the purpose of making it significantly easier for citizens to have any data which is stored with one service provider, transmitted directly to another provider.

However, the reports from the European Commission show evidence of massive data breaches and the mishandling of personal data by large online platforms.

DAPSI was born to support up to 50 teams of innovators (mainly startups and SMEs) to develop human-centric technology solutions addressing the challenge of personal data portability on the internet.
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The innovation teams supported by DAPSI are developing relevant use cases through 9-month incubation programmes. Experts in diverse fields are providing a successful working methodology, access to top infrastructure, training in business and data-related topics, mentoring, visibility, and community building. The best teams progress to the second phase of the programme where the use cases are fostered to evolve into solid projects to gain enough traction for deployment and readiness for the market.

Enginnering is providing FIWARE Lab as cloud infrastructure where participants can freely host their experiment and also provides technical support and training throughout the whole project.

DAPSI has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement no 871498.


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