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Digital Workplace for one of the largest Italian coffee producers

We support the management and evolution of IT systems in a secure, flexible and complete way.

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As a producer of high-quality coffee, distributed in 140 countries all over the world, the company has always aimed at excellence, making research and innovation its strengths and following the whole process of the product, from cultivation to preparation in bars.

Today its need is to have as-a-Service infrastructures that allow for ample flexibility, in order to face face the migration of its applications to a hybrid cloud model.
To deal with this innovation process, the company relied on Engineering D.HUB, which has already managed and evolved its corporate IT systems for several years.


Initially, Engineering D.HUB team took over the complete management of the company ERP (JD Edwards) and Digital Workplace systems (e-mail on Exchange, document management on Sharepoint, company’s e-business platforms portal), ensuring business continuity and Disaster Recovery from our Pont-Saint-Martin data center.
Subsequently, we rationalized existing service pillars for an integrated and synergic management.

To address the company's new Digital Transformation objectives, Engineering D.HUB has developed a multi-platform (AIX, VmWare and SAP HANA) and multilocation (on premise and full outsourcing) service model, always As-a-Service, favoring the "clouding" of applications and infrastructure transformation. The evolution of the company ERP and its management also fits into this context.


Single management of IT systems in outsourcing and on-premises

12 foreign branches included in geographical scope

Flexible and customisable cost model

Disaster Recovery for all IT systems

24/7 monitoring of applications and technological infrastructure

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Cost cutting
Process performance

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