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Different functionalities on the basis of specific types of documents and end customers: the customisation of our Utilities Digital Platform for a flexible and dynamic billing.

Approach & Solution



With the aim of automating and speeding up checks of invoices that have been issued, a major Power and Gas provider expressed the need for a new tool to generate substantial supply baskets for invoice controls.
To meet this challenge, we used our Billing expertise. We guided the company in the development of a flexible and dynamic process, which uses specific functionalities to associate and disassociate criteria on the basis of specific types of documents (e.g. gas-electricity) and end customers (e.g. residential, PA, condominiums, companies).


The solution implemented represents a customisation of our Utilities Digital Platform based on the Net@Suite for billing, credit & collection functions for Mass Market clients.
In particular, for the billing function, we implemented important functionalities, including:
  • administration of criteria for sampling invoices to be checked;
  • management of dynamic criteria with mechanisms for inclusion (white list)/exclusion (black list);
  • automatic/manual generation of the basket of supplies to be checked and the details of the invoices to be checked;
  • configuration of billing checks;
  • carrying out billing checks and validating congruent details, highlighting only those details that require user verification/validation

We also used Business & User services skills to manage customisation and customer contextualisation, UX & service design to manage the usability and accessibility of front/end functions.


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