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GRACE: Global Response Against Child Exploitation

Improving LEAs capabilities on fighting Child Exploitation Abuse by leveraging on Machine Learning techniques.

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The use of the Internet to distribute Child Sexual Exploitation and abuse Material (CSEM) is an abhorrent crime.

Referrals from Online Service Providers (OSPs), detection technologies and constantly increasing reports of suspicious material from users are key elements in combating child sexual exploitation (CSE) but are also the cause of the grown volume of reports which together with the risen distribution of CSEM online is pushing OSPs to their operational limits.

This has a significant impact on their ability to prevent CSE crimes, rescue children already in danger, and investigate and prosecute perpetrators.
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The research project GRACE presents a new dynamic approach based on big-data technologies supported by advanced algorithms powered by artificial intelligence to enable Member State LEAs and the EU as a whole to close the technology gap with offenders while embracing the technical, ethical and legal challenges unique to fighting CSE.

Engineering brings in the project a long-time experience in analyzing, designing, and developing intelligent and autonomous systems, leads the system integration activities and supports the implementation of the chain of custody to guarantee the traceability of the investigative flow, in compliance with privacy, legal and ethical constraints.

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 883341.


Improving of LEAs capabilities and cooperation

Improved performance of analysis tools

Reducing the investigators' manual work

Uptake of the solution by EUROPOL and LEAs in Member States

Optimising the management of reports by OSPs

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