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Cross-selling through Big Data

With Salesforce we have implemented a federated architecture of data on customer behaviour and habits to manage cross-selling activities in an innovative way.

Approach & Solution

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A leading oil company had progressively extended the types of services it offered to its customers over time, operating not only in the retail fuel sector, but also in food, car rental and parking, and fuel card management. This diversification was achieved through vertical investments in specific management technology platforms.

The goal was to unify the view of the customer irrespective of the type of service provided, in order to more effectively understand their specific behaviours and needs.

Another objective was to safeguard the investments made over time on the application and technology stack used to deliver the specific services.

A further objective that was expressed was to extend the concept of integrated vision over time, acquiring other types of information related to the same customer, linked to additional services provided.

The final objective was to use the integrated information on the concept of the "Single Customer" to manage cross-selling activities aimed at selling new products/services through specific marketing campaigns. These are delivered to the various clusters of customers, aggregated on the basis of their behaviour, enhancing the transformation of service stations into multi-service outlets.


The company made a conscious choice from both a functional and a technological point of view, targeting Salesforce as a useful tool to pursue its objectives.

Thanks to our strategic Digital2Evolve approach, which combines knowledge of processes with that of technologies, and following a logic of "best-fit technology", Engineering facilitated the design of a solution that entailed the use of Salesforce Customer 360 for the first time in Italy and Europe, for the centralised management of customers and the integration of service management systems. The solution identified makes it possible to build a layer across existing services/applications, managing a logical aggregation of data according to a highly configurable and scalable federated architecture model.

Our team started its activities by dividing them into specific project phases (waves), both to manage the complexity determined by the need to interact with a large number of stakeholders of IT service providers, and the need to ensure the achievement of the objectives gradually over time, through an incremental release of functionalities allowing the end customer to use the new integrated services in a short time.

At the beginning the first view of the Single Customer was created, aggregating existing information for the various services. In a subsequent phase, the unique authentication has been managed, as well as the possibility of managing the construction of bundles of services with the option of providing discounts to end customers that could not be enjoyed with individual services, thus enhancing cross-selling.

In the final phase it has been possible to manage integrated marketing activities, incentivising customers to use the services through intelligent and targeted campaigns.


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