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The first Marketplace for Cognitive Skills

We built a 2-sided marketplace where both the client and its partners can publish and resell their AI solutions for different fields and industries.

Approach & Solution

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Our client develops cognitive technology solutions that automate self-driving supply chain operations. Its innovative Cloud platform integrates with existing systems to digitalize, augment, and automate decision making in real time.

The need was to create an online catalog to offer as-a-service activities, aimed at both end customers and an ecosystem of system integration partners.


We implemented our Cloudesire platform, integrating a new REACT interface on-top the REST-API layer. In fact, our client decided to implement a completely customized UI that allows to browse a catalogue of "Skills", namely a list of AI solutions based on the proprietary Decision Intelligence platform.

Skills are organized by areas (e.g. Procurement, Inventory, Order) and categories (e.g. Supplier Collaboration, Procurement Operations). The platform can be automatically deployed on the customer's private cloud.

The easy-onboarding module of the platform is used by the client's partners to build the online catalog, while the reselling functionalities will be activated in a second phase of the project.


New and fully-customized UI

5K expected subscriptions on Y1

22K expected subscriptions from Y2

Project value

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