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Innovating healthcare with remote assistance

Telemonitoring and Telemedicine to fight the Covid emergency. We leveraged them with the ASL of Foggia, evolving a system to manage chronic pathologies.

Approach & Solution



Like the other health organisations, the ASL of Foggia was called upon to simultaneously deal with the Covid-19 health emergency while also guaranteeing support for patients suffering from other pathologies. In a very short time, the 'Diomedee' project, which was set up to digitalise the care of specific chronic conditions (e.g. heart failure, diabetes, hypertension) and their remote assistance, has been expanded and reconfigured to meet the need to monitor Covid-19 patients, optimising available resources and limiting physical access to healthcare facilities.


Engineering provided its strong expertise in healthcare processes and solutions related to its proprietary ellipse platform. This, together with the contribution of other partner companies, enabled a Telemonitoring platform to link the Territorial Operations Centre to the homes of Covid-19 patients.
Via app and electro-medical devices, these patients communicate their vital statistics (e.g. body temperature, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, etc.), so that they can be followed remotely to ensure the most appropriate clinical and care management.
The experience demonstrated the strategic value of our healthcare process skills and the implementation of technologies in specific scenarios, enabling the rapid evolution of a project within an emergency context.
The project has also succeeded in demonstrating the potential of Telemedicine, particularly in the continuity of care, which is fundamental in emergency scenarios when the various forms of "Tele-services" (Tele-visiting, Telemonitoring, Teleconsultation, etc.) represent strategic asset to ensure the right to health.


Implementation of a Telemedicine platform

Empowerment of the patient and their caregivers

Monitoring and assistance for Covid-19 patients

Continuity of care and treatment for several chronic conditions

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