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We monitor environmental phenomena with Advanced Analytics and IoT

We developed for Calabria Region an integrated decision support system for the control and monitoring of environmental phenomena on the territory.

Approach & Solution

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The A.R.P.A. (Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione Ambientale [Regional Environmental Protection Agency]) of Calabria aims to protect, control and restore the environment. Within the Agency, the Operational Centre has the task of systematically recording the values relating to the earth's climate. It also validates the data, collected in strict compliance with national and international standards, and publishes them on the WEB.

To support A.R.P.A. Calabria in its institutional activities, we have developed the CFM 2.0 software platform that integrates a series of components based on the most advanced technologies in the field of Advanced Analytics and the Internet of Things, alongside specialised activities and services for the detection and analysis of environmental data.

CFM 2.0 makes it possible to monitor environmental phenomena in real time and to prevent any ensuing risks for humans.


The CFM 2.0 ecosystem consists of five software modules:
  • The Acquisition Module allows the acquisition of data from external sources, such as the network of sensors distributed throughout the region
  • The Management Module makes it possible to consult the acquired data (also graphically), validate them and decide which of them can be made public
  • The Dissemination Module that, through publication services, allows users to enter information in the alert portal "Allerta meteo Calabria" that collects all useful information on: alerts and bulletins, real-time updates on the evolution of events, weather forecasts, civil protection plans, risk maps and post-event reports
  • The Analysis Module carries out tasks in relation to standard environmental data analysis models
  • The GIS Module includes a web-based GIS system for consultation and a map server for publication.


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