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MyPasS project proposes innovative and sustainable solutions of Mobility as a Service for a new concept of urban context.

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We are living in the age of sharing economy, mobile systems and intelligent transportation, trends that lead us to see MaaS - Mobility as a Service - as the new frontier of urban mobility. It is a mobility model in which users' needs are met by a single integrated service provider that combines transport infrastructures, travel information and payment services.

It is in this context that the MyPaaS research initiative, in which Engineering and Municipia are working together with universities, public bodies and private companies, falls.

The aim is to contribute to the improvement of urban mobility with a view to greater sustainability through the use of established solutions such as Municipia's INES Cloud platform and Engineering's Digital Enabler.


In detail, the project includes the following activities:
  • creating, testing and spreading technologies aimed at integrating all the various systems (planning, pricing, booking, payment) that enable new forms of mobility as a service
  • developing, through Artificial Intelligence and predictive analysis techniques, models that process user behavior in order to intercept demand for mobility and to provide planning functions for the Public Administration
  • developing and validating innovative business models for MaaS systems
  • identifying and promoting the regulatory and legal framework for the development and implementation of MaaS schemes at national level.

Project funded by PON Reseach & Innovation Funds 2014-2020 and FSC.


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