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The city of Naples looks to the future and through new digital tools simplifies the management of mobility and parking.

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Managing urban mobility in metropolitan areas requires advanced means and skills. An example is Naples, the number one city in Italy in terms of population density, with 92 municipalities on 1,171 km², more than 200,000 registered companies, and tens of thousands of cars transiting every day.

Such complexity often leads to inefficiency and inconvenience to citizens. To counteract this, ANM – Azienda Napoletana Mobilità S.p.A. has decided to implement an efficient, flexible and quick-to-use system: INES CLOUD enables the integration of hardware and software technologies facilitating the management of processes and urban mobility services.


In particular, the following solutions have been implemented for ANM Azienda Napoletana Mobilità:
  • INES Cloud BSS for the management of the processes concerning issuing mobility and parking permits, including sale from the counter or reserved web area.
  • INES Cloud–ParkingHub, the service specialized in centralization and control of digital parking payment systems provided by various dealers.
  • Tap&Park, a mobile white label app for payment of parking without additional fees charged to the user and perfectly integrated with the city's pricing system.
  • Sanzioni Smart, a mobile app for monitoring and fining dedicated to personnel responsible for controlling street parking.
  • Napoli Pass, a badge, equipped with UHF RFID, for permits and parking passes used by residents.
  • UHF RFID Gate, an access control system, based on UHF RFID and integrated with the parking facilities of the Management Center, which gives residents holding a Napoli Pass access in free flow mode and allows them to book a parking space.


Real-time coordination between operators and manager

New channels for the sale of parking to citizens

Innovative service to citizens

Fast and efficient check of parking and infringements

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Tap & Park
Smart Fines
UHF RFID Mobility Pass