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RECON-UV: enabling underwater recognition activities

We created a Decision Support System for inspection, research, detection and recognition activities in Very Shallow Water and the Surf Zone, by means of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV).

Approach & Solution



Operations carried out in Very Shallow Waters and in the Surf Zone are still performed by personnel specifically trained for the task, without adequate technological support.

Hull inspections, explosive ordnance search and clearance, data collection in the landing channel (stretch of sea in front of a 'landing beach'), to name a few, but the most relevant, can be performed by state-of-the-art Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV).

In addition to drastically decreasing the risk of personnel exposure, the adoption of these devices would significantly improve the volume and quality of data collected. The quality and quantity of information collected is closely linked to the time and tools that can be used during inspection, search, clearance and recognition operations.


The solution consists of a prototype platform dedicated to underwater inspection and reconnaissance operations, capable of supporting operational personnel in high-risk or time-consuming activities.

The project envisages the development of an innovative Underwater Vehicle, reconfigurable according to the mission to be carried out and prepared for dual use (military/civilian), capable of operating in Very Shallow Waters and in the Surf Zone, and able to assist/support personnel in the search and detection of explosive devices and in reconnaissance/data collection in a specific landing channel.


Operational decision support and mission planning

Innovative AUV for inspection, exploration and remediation

data analysis

Target detection capability

Obstacle avoidance capability

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Process performance

Enabling Technologies

AI Advanced Analytics

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