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RPA to validate flight reports

We automate the invoicing process by improving the detection of misalignments between SAP data and that of reports provided by the flight headquarters. With a process optimization of over 90%.

Approach & Solution



We supported a leader in the field of air emergency, with helicopter rescue, fire-fighting, off-shore and support services, as well as in engineering services in the Defence, Energy, Telecommunications and Transport sectors.

We improved the internal processes, in particular that of active invoicing, of a specific Division with a fleet of 54 helicopters and 40 operational bases on national and foreign territory.
This process, when managed manually, commits a person for 3 weeks per month in repetitive and time-consuming activities. The goals were to reduce the timing, relieve the user of low value tasks, reduce the incidence of errors and guarantee the required SLAs.


After analysing the operational model, Engineering D.HUB identified a solution for active invoicing, to automate the validation process of flight reports.
The solution, based on NICE Advanced Process Automation, provides unattended automation to verify flight reports: it acquires the files sent by pilots via e-mail, compare the data contained in them with that stored on SAP, flags the sections that meet the predefined requirements and sends the results, highlighting the cases to be re-verified and the exceptions.

Before implementing the solution, we assessed its appropriateness and expected benefits with a pilot phase. The project will be managed in outsourcing at our Data Centre in Pont-Saint-Martin, for three years, also by providing Infrastructure Management services.


+ 90% efficiency in process timing

100% compliance with contractual SLAs

No application or development changes on Client's systems

Application of the solution to other processes

Covering 25 of our Client's operational bases

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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NICE Advanced Process Automation

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