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Thanks to our solution, 150.000 users will be able to use a unique and complete dashboard to check their water consumption.

Approach & Solution



Innovation can be obtained not only by integrating new technologies, but also by adopting dynamic approaches and strategies aimed at identifying new opportunities.

We worked on this challenge with Ruzzo Reti S.P.A., the main water service operator in the Teramo area, which needed to act both in the management of its technological infrastructure and on its administration.

In terms of the current conditions of the technological infrastructure, IT systems had to be aligned with the recent regulatory provisions and the customer management area had to be integrated with the administrative-accounting system.


According to our client's requirements, we:
  • Implemented our "Net@2A" platform, delivering functionalities related to the user management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), financial management and control;
  • Provided useful tools for digital invoicing, collection of overdue receivables, and management of all the "meter to cash" processes;
  • Arranged a database for enhancing and disseminating the high volumes of information generated by business.
All of the above was safely implemented thanks to our Pont-Saint-Martin Data center.

Moreover, we also provided a set of organizational and supporting activities:
  • Benchmarking with similar organizations.
  • Identification of areas for internal improvement and digital innovation.
  • Introduction of a continuous improvement model for "process reengineering".


Greater accuracy in customer segmentation

More reliable information and reduced errors

Reduction in infrastructure costs

Optimal and efficient management of cash flow

A single, complete dashboard for over 150000 end users

Project value

Process performance

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