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Save the Grape:
Maison Anselmet

We have innovated tradition, optimizing the production process of a world-class winery through precision farming.

Approach & Solution



Maison Anselmet is one of the most important and appreciated wineries in Valle d'Aosta which, from generation to generation, has defied the particular climatic and environmental conditions of the territory to ensure the excellence of its products over time.
Our goal has been to support the yield of the winery's highest value vineyard.
With our experts we have used the latest technologies in the field of Big Data and the Internet of Things to analyze the microclimate and identify the environmental factors that can optimize crop development and prevent the spread of plant diseases.


We structured the project in two phases:
  • In the first, we built an infrastructure of sensors based on the LoRaWAN™ (Long Range Wide Area Network) protocol, with a technology capable of collecting data on climate and soil conditions in real time and forwarding them to a cloud platform for their analysis.
  • In the second phase, the collected data was processed to turn them into information useful for the agronomist in his/her daily activities, from irrigation needs to plant treatment.


Improvement of the quality of the products

Reduction of the environmental impact

Better use of products for viticulture

Reduction of the working hours required

Chemical plant protection treatments reduced by 50%

Project Value

Cost cutting
Process performance

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