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Smart Land South West Milan for an integrated territorial strategy

An integrated territorial development project that focuses on three priority areas: intermodal and sustainable mobility; urban regeneration and new social dynamics; digitalization and energy efficiency.

Approach & Solution



The project involves 8 municipalities with Zibido San Giacomo as the lead municipality. Municipia - Engineering Group provides support in the design and development of an integrated territorial strategy in response to territorial challenges and needs with a smart and sustainable approach.

Municipia assists clients in defining a framework for medium to long-term interventions and in operational processes related to public and private funding. It collaborates with municipalities in project management and implementation.


Through the service concession tool, Municipia has implemented a service delivery model for advising, public programs, project management, and the development of digital platforms. To achieve this goal, Municipia has utilized the private initiative project financing instrument.

The solutions offered to clients include territorial design methodologies and program and project management, involving the development of digital platforms for analyzing, monitoring, and enhancing the territory. These platforms are based on the collection and integration of heterogeneous and complex data resulting from the implementation of territorial projects.


Increase in awarded funding

Increase in completed projects

Increase in delivered digital services

Reduction in delays and errors in the funding management

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