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Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and a deep understanding of banking regulations. This is how we created a TL-TRO Reporting aimed at participating to a European Central Bank's auction.

Approach & Solution

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The client, being one of the main international banking groups in Italy, has been outsourcing to Engineering the production activities of the Supervisory Reporting for years.

The new strategic operation had a tight implementation schedule, consisted of creating a system to generate TL-TRO reporting for participation in a European Central Bank auction aimed at long-term refinancing.

We at Engineering took on the challenge, choosing a Cloud solution to meet the Group's requirements.


A Cloud IaaS infrastructure was arranged on the Microsoft Azure platform because the characteristics of the outstanding production environment and the client's process timeframe didn't allow to meet the required regulatory deadlines.

With this approach and also thanks to the project team who knew the process and the banking legislation very well, it was possible to meet the challenging deadlines given by the Supervisory Organs.

The computing flows were processed with a positive outcome recovering 16 weeks of historical depth in about 4 week of project activity.

The infrastructure was made available just for a limited amount of time, allowing also a reduction of costs.


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