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Urban Nature Lab: urban challenges for climate and water

A research project to develop a European framework of "nature-based" solutions, addressing climate change and urban growth, in a coordinated and efficient way.

Approach & Solution



State-of-the-art measures, based on new technologies, are needed to improve cities' resilience to climate change and water management in emergency contexts.

This is why UNaLab was born, a research project that aims to develop "nature based" solutions for the urban context.

UNaLab involves a network of ten cities facing different issues of resilience:
  • Three front runner cities: Tampere, Eindhoven and Genoa. These will experiment and evaluate a range of green solutions to address climate and water related urban challenges
  • Seven follower cities: Stavanger, Prague, Castellón, Cannes, Başakşehir, Hong Kong and Buenos Aires.


Engineering leads the partners of the project in finalizing the entire UNaLab technological framework. In particular, integrating the Digital Enabler, our proprietary platform for advanced data management, we enable the monitoring of the new solutions to adopt green measures and an inclusive and innovative urban design.

Engineering leads also the international task force supported by the EU to create the European Interoperable Nature Based Solution (NBS) Metadata Repository. The repository will collect the description of the NBSs implemented by the European cities and will be available online to facilitate the diffusion of the NBS in the European countries and in the world.
In order to create a test environment aimed at analysing the go-to-market in Europe, UNaLab will use and further develop the Urban Living Lab model of ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs) and the "European Awareness Workshop Scenario" method for co-creation activities, thus creating a technological toolbox and a set of "nature-based" solutions.

The project has received co-funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 programme - Contract No. 730052



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