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An innovative user experience

An innovative user experience

New technological architectures to innovate the user experience of a world leader in the telecommunications sector.

Approach & Solution



Our client is a multinational company operating in the telecom sector with over 50,000 employees, tens of millions of customers and over 20 billion in revenue.

Our client wanted to improve the Customer Experience by renewing the back-end and front-end interface of the Web and App channels, moving toward a data-based approach and transforming end-user experience.

Our solution, in addition to responding to customer needs, also introduced a new service release platform.


Our platform is built on a microservice architecture that guarantees, using innovative data management solutions, a 360° view of the customer and a quicker and smarter data usability.
"Microservice" is the keyword of the project, referring to a specific type of architecture that enables agile, modular, scalable and innovative IT.

In particular:
  • the back-end was implemented using distributed microservices based on PaaS and Container technologies (e.g. RedHat Open Shift Container), exposed to web and app channels via APIs;
  • the front-end web component was developed on the JS/HTML5 framework, that interacts with the contents of the Adobe CMS (Adobe Experience Manager) APIs.


Introduction of an Agile/DevOps work model

Simplicity and reduction in ownership costs

Lower Time to Market for new offers/services

Enhanced performance and access volumes

Better user experience on App and Web

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

Enabling Technologies


Project Team

Engineering Telco & Media Business Unit

Digital Solutions (Engineering Group)

Engineering proprietary products & other technologies

API Gateway Computer Associate
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform
Springboot, Angular JS
Adobe Experience Manager