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viviVeneto: A New Digital Home for Citizens of Veneto Region

viviVeneto is the first super-APP of digital public services in Italy: the citizen uses SPID only once and has in hand all the services of the PA and Territorial Health.

Approach & Solution

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Fragmented digital public services often pose challenges to achieving full digital citizenship. These services are usually spread across multiple portals and apps that each require separate SPID authentication.

With the Veneto Region, we tackled this issue by adopting a service design approach to understand the needs of citizens in various roles, such as workers, health-assisted individuals, parents, and tourists. Our goal was to simplify and improve the user experience of digital services.

Citizen engagement and feedback are crucial to this project, and we continued to listen to their needs even after the design phase. The app includes analytics services to monitor user experience and a dedicated feedback section for continuous improvement and evolution of services.


The mobile app we developed for Veneto Region serves as a one-stop-shop for all the region's services for citizens. We integrated various "cloud ready" application services and made them interoperable, creating a first version of a super-app that allows citizens to access more than 40 services from 4 different apps and 7 regional portals with just one SPID authentication.

Some of the key features include user guidance and information support for quick and direct resolution of their information needs on all public services in administration, health, tourism, payments, and messaging.


Mobile-centered user experience on digital citizenship services

Customized digital experience

Speed and simplicity in responding to citizen needs

40+ PA, Healthcare and Regional Tourism services managed with a single App

Direct communication between PA and citizen

Project value

Cost cutting
Process performance

Enabling Technologies

AI & Advanced Analytics

Project Team

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