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Intelligent Ecosystems for a Cloud Strategy.

Cloud as an Enabling Technology

Cloud is the founding technology of Digital Transformation: it enables the whole digital ecosystem where this transformation takes place. It enables to access resources and digital services immediately, with virtually infinite availability and rapid scalability.

We use Cloud to guide the Digital Transformation of our Clients by designing and implementing cloud technologies and services, guaranteeing the highest levels of security.

What we do

Enable the integration of multiple providers and delivery models through our platform for orchestration, consumption metering and cloud cost billing, as well as the creation of custom cloud service catalogs.
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Evolve our traditional infrastructure business into a full stack of hybrid cloud services, public and private, managed and unmanaged.
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Enable the economy of digital ecosystems offering our horizontal platform to develop and transform new business services and solutions.
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Extend our vertical offering, leveraging our market and technology expertise and transforming our proprietary solutions from on-premise to cloud.
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Cloud - White Paper

Evolving, enabling, extending your business through Cloud.


Case Study

A full digital Cloud solution for Itabus

A project to provide an excellent service to users in terms of customer care, user experience, purchasing process and efficiency thanks to the digitalization of all business processes.


Case Study

Snam: Advanced Analytics for Gas transportation

Our new approach increases the efficiency of "unaccounted-for gas" (UFG), enabling actions for the improvement of the whole system.


Case Study

A Complete Digital Pathology Ecosystem in Cloud

Our project to integrate Digital Pathology within the traditional pathology workflow using a single ecosystem in SaaS.


Research Project

DOME: A distributed open marketplace for Cloud & Edge services in Europe

A privileged meeting point for customers and cloud service providers, the DOME research project provides a secure and reliable marketplace.


Research Project

GAIA-X: for a new European data economy

Engineering is Day-1 Member of the European project for the creation of a data infrastructure, based on a new digital ecosystem that is open, transparent, secure and completely reliable.

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