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Internet of Things

From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Me:
The Key to Data Connection


Internet of Things: the key to data connection

IoT or Internet of Things is a set of digitized physical objects that, thanks to different levels of processing, monitoring, analysis and Artificial Intelligence, communicate and interact with each other and with their external environment, even without men's intervention (as in the case of drones, driverless cars and collaborative robots). We too, by transmitting data from our devices, are "digital objects": this is the Internet of Me.

The growth of IoT devices, as well as platforms leveraging this technology, in the next ten years will be exponential, representing an important opportunity for business development and leading to improvements in: productivity, time-to-market and process automation.

Our Value Proposition

We enact the Digital Transformation journey leveraging our skills and experience in IoT, combined with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

We combine our technological competences to our business knowledge. In order to exploit the full potential of IoT and provide tailor-made solutions for the customer, we adopt analysis and design models based on an integrated vision of systems and processes as well as vertical business knowledge.

In this way, we are able adapt services available on extended and generic IoT Cloud platforms within vertical market sectors.

What we do

The physical objects integrated with electronics, software, sensors, actuators and connectivity, allow the connection, exchange and collection of data, directly integrating the physical world with computerized systems.

We adopt new architectural models to manage large amounts of data.

We work with heterogeneous skills and expertise to analyze, interpret and extract value from data.

We follow the fast process of evolution of technologies, products, architectures related to the IoT.

We interact with companies (e.g. machine and equipment manufacturers) that redesign their products to equip them with local intelligence.

Digital Enabler: our ecosystem platform that transforms data into knowledge

It is an IoT-native ecosystem platform , designed to enrich and combine data quickly and easily.

Data-driven and cloud-native, it allows you to discover, integrate, visualize and use scattered and heterogeneous data to create new services and applications for organizations, communities and for the Augmented City of the future.

It enables to:
  • discover and normalize different types of data sources (open data, data from IoT devices, corporate data, infrastructure data, etc.), increasing the knowledge base
  • create an Open Innovation Area , to manage and develop new ideas in a single shared space
  • dynamically model and integrate data.

Smart Proximity: an integrated platform for workplace safety

IoT is also a fundamental asset to protect safety in the workplace : intelligent objects and technologies can indeed work together to safeguard the health of workers, especially in times of emergency such as those generated by Covid-19.
Smart Proximity is an integrated platform that analyzes, monitors and predicts potentially harmful behaviors of personnel at the workplace: through the analysis of the data sent by the Proximity Sensors worn by the operators; it operates in real time, sending warning messages to workers who do not abide by the appropriate safety distances..

Data analysis is carried out respecting individuals' privacy and allows the platform to perform real-time monitoring and to foresee the creation of clusters that could endanger workers' health.